New Horse Riding Game Coming soon



Ride your horse alongside your friends!

You will be able to ride your horse next to your friends and chat with them!

Care for your horse

Our new horse game will allow you to build stables to care for your horses. There are many wild horses to be captured too! There are so many breeds of horses and each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Horse Riding Tales

Customise your horse

There will be various different accessories to put on your horse to customise their look!

Participate in events

Compete in horse show, dressage and sky rider!

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Outdoor Stadium Update

Horse Riding Tales Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do in the game?

You can follow the story of a girl who wants to join the exclusive Horse Riding Academy. There will be riding quests, horse shows, realistic dressage events and lots more.

Is it multiplayer and can I make friends & chat?

Yes! There will be global chat, room chat and PMs.

Can I customise my character?

Yes, you will be able to customise hair, eyes and clothing.

Can I customise my horse?

Yes! You can fit your horse out with various different accessories.

What devices can I play on?

Just about any Android device, iPhone or iPad, or any Amazon Device.

When will the game be out?

We are looking to release in about 2 months. We will be constantly updating this game with new horses and story content.

Will it be free to download and play?

Yes, with optional in-app purchases.

Can I save my data between multiple devices?

Yes you can! There will be a cloud-saving option ­čÖé

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