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The #1 Horse Riding Game on Mobile

Begin your journey from lowly stable hand to dressage super star! Join our horse loving online world where you can customise your character, tame beautiful horses, bring them to your stable and train them for challenging show jumping championships.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What are Black Pearls for?

Currently you can buy premium outifts with black pearls. Soon there will soon be some new completely new content that will require black pearls as well. We can’t give too much away right now!

Players are being rude in chat. What is going to be done about this?

You will soon be able to report players for bullying or inappropriate language. If enough people report the same player, they will be permanently Banned from entering the game or chatting.

How can I ride bareback?

VIPs are able to ride bareback, just un-equip the saddle from your accessories. There was a small glitch where everyone was able to ride bareback for a few days, unfortunately this is no longer the case.

How can I earn currency like Black Pearls?

You can earn Black Pearls from Medium and Hard multiplayer races. You will also be able to earn them from Social Quests coming soon.

I have a problem with a purchase. How can I get help?

Please e-mail your Purchase Receipts and full player name (from Settings > Account) to

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